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  • Supporting Parents, Couples, Indivduals and Children

  • Working with ADHD, Anxiety & Depression

  • Understanding Attachment   

  • Trauma Experiences

  • and more...

Registered Psychotherapist since 2015
Child & Youth Worker 
Proud Advocate of Children, Youth and Families
Specialty Work with Foster Families and Foster Children/Youth

I have been in the field of child and family mental health for 24    years  and a foster parent for 19    years.    While fostering, I've offered my home and heart to over 20    foster children/teens.     I have volunteered in leadership roles to support foster families and have been a guest speaker at child focused educationals for foster parents.   As a Children's Mental Health worker, I have worked in and with group homes, school programs, in family homes, courts and other community services, office settings as well as teaching to large and small groups  supporting all kinds of families and children of all ages. 

Counselling needs to start with a connection...

so here is a bit more about me

I've often been called a creative person and apply my creativity to my counselling, both in practical ways and in my thinking.  I have had many opportunities over the years to build on my knowledge base in order to have specific skill areas.  Some of my specific detailed experiences include "Triple P" (an evidence based program) that focuses on positive parenting as well as attachment based practical approaches and improved knowledge while   working with children/youth.  I have also supported  many family's who have children/youth diagnosed with more mild forms of Autism, Sensory Processing struggles and ADHD.  In life, sometimes we don't have the right tools in which to work on our challenges with, so I try to be the kind of support person that helps people and families find tools they never knew they had!

My varied experiences as a foster parent has proven to be an asset in my professional role as a counsellor (and continue to be).  One example would be how I'm quite familiar with being both a giver and receiver of mental health services and all the unspoken rules and stigma that can be attached to providing foster care.  I understand first hand the challenge in doing all that you can to support a child in your home like your own, with all the complex history that they have attached to them while trying to be a professional team member with numerous other professionals, not always with agenda's that are in sync with each other. 

Personally and professionally, the trait I am the proudest of is my ability to connect with those I support, looking always for the strengths and silver linings in each person and complex situations.  Conclusion jumping is a dangerous thing and I work hard to not let that be a part of who I am.  Each person deserves to be treated like an individual and with respect.  These beliefs drive me to continue to do well in my work and life.

I plan to start uploading video's to my YouTube Channel that allows you to get to know me better and possibly even pose a few questions about the services I can offer! 

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