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 Ways  We Can   Connect


It seems impersonal yes but for some, it might be the most comfortable or a first step towards    support.   This style of support respects any distance  (in miles, lack of transportation or   life's complications) and allows you a broader option in finding the right counsellor for you (your family).  Utilizing online or text style support opens doors that might not be available to you close to home.

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And of course, the most traditional style of counselling, face to face in a safe space.  I have an office space available to me at Nova Health Naturopathic Center in downtown Kingston.   I have a home office in Odessa BUT I have two lovely dogs too, so for some, this isn't ideal due to barking "hello's".  Esther Frost Counselling is currently working to secure another office setting with more flexibility.  I'm happy to accommodate so please reach out. 


I am offering a connection each month of 3 check ins where I send to you some self exploration or mental health educational links, questionaires and/or video's to watch then do some self wondering.  I will be informed when you've completed the tast and then can provide some feedback, sharing my own thoughts.

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Weather and seasonal permitting, I'll be offering outdoor walk and talks.    Therapy walks drawing upon all 5 senses while in nature all while having the  added benefit of a clinician to support you through your  life's challenges. This style of support would be most ideal for individuals, not family/group sessions.



I am able to offer sessions at locations of your choice, most likely I would presume your preference would   be in your home.  I am willing to travel approximately 40KM from the Kingston area.  Further distance could be considered.  


For many families, caring for a high need child, youth or adult requires the adults to have some quality adult time while still trusting that their loved one is being thoughtfully cared for.  We offer respite breaks for you  while providing a secure and pleasant home environment for your loved one to spend time at.  See my "About Esther" page to learn more about my skills and abilities in which to provide this kind of care.

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